4 Things We’d Like In Battlefield 4

battlefield 3It’s a clear shot that we’ll see Battlefield 4 later this year, so these are the things we’re hoping to see.

1. An Impressive Campaign

Battlefield is the head-to-head competitor with Activision’s Call of Duty and EA strives to develop the better FPS. Call of Duty: Black Ops II had an impressive single player campaign, which is unheard when a game’s major selling point is its multiplayer. Battlefield 3, released in 2011, had an awful single player experience. Even EA executive Frank Gibeau said that the campaign’s main purpose to help players train for its multiplayer. Hopefully, DICE will follow in Treyarch’s footsteps and develop an interesting campaign for Battlefield 4.

2. Real Destruction

The destruction in Battlefield 3 is inferior when compared to Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Sure, you can blow walls down but that’s nothing compared to taking down an entire building while half a dozen men are holed up inside. You won’t see any like this in Battlefield 3.

3. Battle Recording

Most of your Battlefield 3 matches will be epic and memorable and after you play them, you’re probably think to yourself, “Wow. I wish I could just watch the match and bask in the awesome.” Halo and Call of Duty allow players to record their matches and upload them, but neither of those games have cooler moments than Battlefield 3. Whether it’s ejecting out of your jet to snipe the pilot chasing you and enter his jet in mid-air, driving a C4-charged jeep into your opponents’ base, dropping a grenade right before you die after arming an MCOM station, you name it. It would all be epic to record and share with your friends.

4. Kill Rent-A-Server

Battlefield 3’s Rent-A-Server feature allows players to host their own private servers and make the rules. You can rent a server for one day ($1.49 USD) or for 90 days ($59.99 USD). You’ll find early on that some admins aren’t fair players and will likely kick you if you get the upper hand. The topic on limiting admin permissions have been discussed among the Battlefield community since the game’s release in 2011.

Another upside to get rid of Rent-A-Server would be allowing newbies to learn how to fly jets and choppers. There are no tutorials in the campaign and more experienced players get upset when a noob crashes a chopper full of trigger happy soldiers because he has no idea how to rotate.

Honorable Mentions

  • Bigger squads
  • Map Editor
  • Remove vehicle armor regeneration

Did we miss anything? Leave your wishes in the comments section below!

    • HairyUK
    • February 14th, 2013

    5. Make it PC only like it should be.

    • cell989
    • February 14th, 2013

    remove vehicle armor regeneration? are you serious? and the DLC maps of BF3 offer similar destruction as that of BFBC2

    • E4t_Le4d
    • February 24th, 2013

    I think they should very much base it around the competitive scene.

    Here’s some things that I think they should implement into Battlefield 4:
    1. Remove suppression, or make it so the only LMG’s can suppress people. Hell, give server admins the option to turn it off or even tweak it.
    2. Better map design. (I’ll admit, there are lots of well thought about maps in BF3 but some also just seemed to be rushed.)
    3. Spectator mode.
    4. Bring back commander mode.
    5. Bot mode of some sort.
    6. VOIP for PC
    7. More naval gameplay
    8. Bigger squads
    9. Another faction. Just like they had in Battlefield 2
    10. Classes could be tweaked a bit more.
    The list could go on but I’ll end it there. I have faith in DICE. I believe that they have learnt their leasson from Battlefield 3 and know now to not make the same mistakes in Battlefield 4

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