Skepticism Leave Now, This Dead Space 3 Trailer is Amazing

dead space 3-1

Skeptical about Dead Space 3? Well, stop. Like, right now.

Yeah, even I was a skeptic when I found out Dead Space 3 was supporting cooperative play and seemed to be heading the Resident Evil route to a more traditional third person shooter. But this new trailer shows otherwise!

The trailer emphasizes that players will be able to play either single player or cooperative multiplayer. Unlike Resident Evil, where you are forced to play with a partner either way. That being said, while the trailer showcases some cinematic and awesome action set pieces, it is clear Visceral Games knows what its series is well known for and is keeping it the way – tense, dark, horrific atmosphere. The game still manages to look pretty damn scary! The game will be released on February 5th, 2013. Be on the look out!

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