Review |The Darkness 2 – Embrace The Darkness

darkness ii

Ok, so this is a game review long overdue (with a release date of February 7th 2012), but it is a well deserved review! The Darkness 2 is a First Person Shooter sequel to the 2007 title The Darkness.  The Darkness is a comic book series created in 1996 by David Wohl, Marc Silvestri, and Garth Ennis. Paul Jenkins, a creative writer in the comic series, helped write the script for The Darkness 2. Now, the comic tells of the never-ending battle between The Darkness and The Angelus which is essentially light vs darkness. Let me also make a note before I get into the review: It is good to play the first game. Not necessary, but good.

*Warning: If you haven’t played the first game, there is a big spoiler in this review!*

The game tells the story of Jackie Estacado, a mafia crime lord and wielder of The Darkness. The Darkness II takes place two years after the events of the first game. On a side note: You can choose to watch a recap of The Darkness at the start of the game.  Jackie has all but been able to block out The Darkness since the death of his girlfriend Jenny Romano. So we start the game with a tutorial level in a nice bistro. You know the drill, look left, look right, let’s move on! Now as we walk through the bistro you can’t help but notice the game is cell shaded. Which adds a change of pace from playing the original, but a wonderful touch which gives it more of that comic book feel. I finally sit down with two beautiful girls. A chat goes on for a few seconds, then suddenly bullets begin to fly and a car crashes through the diner window in front of you! You black out for a second, and when you regain consciousness, you notice that your leg is injured. Soon afterwards, your buddy gives you a gun and drags you out.  After killing a few goons you make it to the bar where you are given your second pistol. Dual-wield! YES! Now as you exit the bistro you see what you can pretty much tell is the antagonist of the game giving the order to kill you. As you crawl out if the bistro, The Darkness tells you to either embrace The Darkness or die. In that moment you watch as The Darkness rips through five guys and heals your wounded leg. Now as you walk through an alley, you are introduced to using your left and right Darkness tentacle. Wait a minute… So let me get this straight, not only can you dual wield guns, but you can also dual wield The Darkness. AT THE SAME TIME!?! That’s right! The mechanic in this FPS allows you to use four weapons at once! Excuse me while I have a nerd-gasm… And I’m back! So after killing a few more guys, you see the ghost of your dead girlfriend Jenny run past the screen and disappear!  There is so much more I could touch on, but this is a review, not a let’s play or a walkthrough so I had better continue.

The story is wonderful and the more you play, the more you will beg for a sequel. Don’t worry if you don’t catch on with some of the things in the game. Don’t know what The Angelus is? Your buddy Johnny Powell will tell you everything you may not know!

the darkness ii 2

Now let’s touch on their multiplayer campaign called “Vendetta Mode”. You play as a hitman who has a unique Darkness ability. Let’s go through our four hit-men shall we? First we have JP Dumond, a voodoo shaman whose special ability is in his staff. He can spawn black holes to suck your enemies in! Second we have Jimmy Wilson, a booze drinking, sports loving hatemonger. Jimmy has an axe, with a hilarious backstory, that can call Darklings. Next, we have Shoshanna. Other then “Being an ultra-efficient agent for Mossad”, I really don’t know anything about her. Shoshanna’s special ability is called “The Arm Of The Night” which is basically a Darkness infused sawn-off shotgun that kicks ass! Lastly we have Inugami “The Hound Of Death”. Inugami has probably the best backstory of the four, where he had to watch his family get killed. Now he must wield a sword called the “Kusanaga”, a blade that must taste blood everyday. For everyday it doesn’t, the owner losses a year of their life. His “Kusanaga” will send for what is called a Darkness Swarm. All in all, Vendetta Mode isn’t anything to write home about, but with a couple extra players it can be a lot of fun!

Now even though I love the game, like everything, there is room for improvement. Example: some levels (like the “free roam” mansion levels) kind of seem slow and unneeded. I know they are trying to capture every aspect of the comic, but dammit don’t give me all these ways to kill a man then make me spend 15 minutes navigating a mansion! Plus even though this is a linear game, some points just seem sort of dull…

There is allot of fun things to do in this game. Like for starters there are a couple fun little mini games hidden in the mansion. Or you can go around shooting all the lights out (Since it is beneficiary anyways). Wait, you don’t think shooting lights is fun? Are you telling me you never spent hours shooting lights and computers back on the PSOne just because you could? No? Just me? Moving on then, getting the collectibles is also fun and really doesn’t seem like a chore since our buddy Johnny Powell will give us interesting Darkness lore for each collectible we find!

In closing, as a fan of The Darkness and Witchblade, Top Cow did a fantastic job and now I have to pray for a third instalment!


  • Beautiful cell shading that reminds me of the comic
  • Amazing story
  • Four arm mechanic


  • Some unnecessary levels
  • Predictable ending


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