NYCC 12 | Hands On: PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

If it wasn’t clear enough, I am extremely excited for SuperBot’s upcoming PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. Keeping up to date with all reveals and information, I have been extremely eager to get my hands on the game and I can finally say that I have.

New York Comic Con meant a lot of things for me – getting some nice signatures, try out some games and meet some people. However, one thing I was persistent with trying was PlayStation All-Stars. Literally the first booth I went for, I made sure to get as much time with the game as possible. While I didn’t get to play as the entire roster, I did manage to squeeze in a good amount of the playable characters as well as the Vita version and some cross-play games as well.

Right off the bat, the game showcased a pretty basic, easy to navigate UI. Players were easily able to jump right in at any time, select their characters and stage and get right into the game. Unfortunately, the only game mode available at the demo was the timed score mode. A stock mode has been announced, and while I had hoped to get to try that out, it didn’t make it to NYCC. However, playing through this mode did give me a good look at the game’s many supers, as well as some of the awesome stages.

The game is very hectic, especially when playing against players who have played countless times and got the hang of things already. Moves are being thrown around left and right, environment damage leaves AP flailing around, items are scattered at random spots and the incredible stages are being mashed up while all the playable action is going on. In short, the game is pretty much never at a halt, which creates for an incredibly fun experience for players around and yourself. Even the spectators got in on the action, letting out shouts of awe when a super knocked out multiple players or when something awesome happens in the stage. Controls of the game were incredibly solid and easy to learn. The game moved very fluidly, which is a great thing when it comes to the hectic action of the game. Aesthetically, the game is looking great, with some well-designed character models and stages. This, of course, is only being improved more as the game reaches gold, but its already shaping up really well. After finishing a quick round, I would see myself heading right back in line to get another go at the game, always leaving satisfied – especially when I managed to win the round.

As stated earlier, the stages add to the hectic madness that is seen in gameplay. From Hades smashing players to the constant changes of the Dreamscape level, each stage holds something unique that create a spectacle to look at as well as a challenging feat to get past while playing. After getting a hang of the combo heavy characters such as Kratos and Raiden, I found myself taking a liking to the Dojo stage as well as the Stowaways stage. The Dojo stage puts players in a tight area with no platforms, making for one epic brawl for AP. The Stowaways stage starts in an incredibly confined area, but opens up further to give some breathing room to the players. After playing through the available stages, I can honestly walk out saying each stage was crafted superbly.

The PlayStation 3 demo was not the only demo available. The PlayStation Vita version of the game was also available, and BluePoint is doing a fantastic job with this one as well. With PlayStation All-Stars being a game meant to be played at a wide aspect, it was difficult imagining it on a handheld console. Surprisingly enough, it works really well. The game will zoom in during those real close counter moments, and will pan just enough for players to see during the wider moments. My only gripe for the Vita version is activating Supers. While the control layout did say pressing the L + R buttons will activate a super move, I couldn’t quite get it to activate through that method. Whether it wasn’t implemented in this demo but will be in the final build or a personal screw up by myself is unknown. However, I could activate a super move through the back touch pad, which I wasn’t too fond of. It felt pretty odd trying to swipe the right side of the touch pad in the middle of a very hectic, fast-paced fighting game. Cross-play was also available at the booth, which worked really well. No lags or latency issues kept the game smooth, and hardly noticeable that two of the players were playing on a PlayStation Vita system.

Overall, the game I am most excited about this year is shaping up to be one of my favorite games of this year. While the roster left me wanting, I am completely satisfied with the direction the game is headed in. With some solid gameplay, fantastic ideas and fast-paced action, SuperBot is looking to create one of the most fun platform fighters of this generation. I was excited before, but finally getting my hands on the game pushed that excitement to the limit. The game shows incredibly signs of promise, and it’s looking like it won’t disappoint. Be sure to check PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale when it releases on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita on November 20, 2012.

  1. Thank you for this review.I wish more people would see it so they can get on board and just as hyped as we are.I want to play this game so bad I almost dont want to try out the beta in the fear that i will be teased until its released…I cant wait to hear more news…Check out my blog to Btw…

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