Bethesda Takes Full Responsibility For Skyrim PS3 DLC Issues

Since June, owners of the Xbox 360 and PC versions of Skyrim have enjoyed two expansion packs while PS3 gamers have been left in the cold.

Bethesda VP of PR and Marketing Pete Hines stated on Twitter that there were no updates on Dawnguard, Hearthfire or other DLC for the PS3. The team is still at work on fixing the issue but he stated that it’s neither Sony’s nor the PlayStation 3’s fault on the issue at hand and takes full responsibility on behalf of the company.

Hines also stated that some may be fine with the issues of the expansion packs but there will be a few people a bit iffy on those issues.

PS3 gamers, myself included, are keeping fingers crossed that one day, the PS3 version of Skyrim will see expansion packs such as the other platforms have.

  1. This all still sounds like a bunch of crap to me. They may be taking the blame, but they’re not actually remedying the situation. If they really cared about satisfying their PS3 customers they should have dropped everything and worked nonstop on getting Dawnguard working on the system rather than go about business as usual and release another expansion while PS3 gamers still had nothing.

  1. January 18th, 2013

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