Call of Duty: Black Ops II Zombies Mode(s) Detailed!

While fans speculated and imagined what Black Ops II could bring to the favorite of many Zombies mode, Treyarch was hard at work creating something extremely different from what we have seen before. Check the scoop for all the zombifying details!

As was originally stated, the first of many Zombies mode is the campaign mode. The campaign mode – titled Tranzit – puts four players in a massive world taken over by the undead. The core idea is the same, kill all the zombies in the area. As you complete an area, the team moves on over to a different spot via bus or even on foot. Whether on bus or on foot, players will still need to defend themselves when transporting to the next area. The Tranzit mode also includes “buildables,” which Treyarch states will allow players to open up new parts of the world and craft together weapons.

Black Ops II will also include a competitive Zombies mode which they’ve cleverly dubbed “4z4,” though the actual title of the mode is called Grief. Unlike your standard competitive gameplay, Grief has both players facing a similar target – the Zombies. Players won’t be able to shoot other players, but must instead focus on killing the most zombies and staying alive the longest. Despite not being able to shoot other players, you can “Grief” them though no word was given as to what that exactly means.

If these two  modes aren’t to your liking, Treyarch also gives players the ability to tweak the gameplay rules to their liking. Want to get through Zombies mode with just headshots? Go for it. Want to start at wave 99? Good luck. Players can even turn off the magic items, but really who wants to do that? Of course, the standard Survival mode returns, with maps based on areas in the Tranzit campaign. For more on Call of Duty: Black Ops II and Zombies fun, keep it locked to iGo Gaming. For now, check out the premiere trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops II Zombies below!


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