Where They Stand Now: Naughty Bear

Naughty Bear was an original title developed by Artificial Mind And Movement. The game’s plot centers around a homicidal teddy bear who seeks revenge for not being invited to a birthday party.  If you remember my review on the game, you may remember me praising it and claiming it wasn’t that bad of a game. One year later, we take a look back to see Where Naughty Bear stands now.

I wish the game looked like this...

For starters, the game was clearly created with no imagination at all, despite the originality behind the title. As you progress through the various chapters you should realize that the environments never change-at all. The same area is recycled for each chapter with a slight revamp to trick the player into thinking there was some variety. Behind the “Vote for Mayor” and dark lighting is the same buildings and trees that we’ve seen before, all in the same spots. The graphics are one of the game’s major shortcomings. In my review I stated it was good for what it was, but what it was wasn’t so good. The water seemed like a flat piece of land with no depth to it all, and the grassy areas are just so bland. The characters look cute, but the fur doesn’t show very well, making them not even look like teddy bears. This doesn’t even include the horrific frame rate issues. Countless times, the game would choke up on me in the middle of gameplay. The camera work is also atrocious. The camera is an issue I mentioned in my review before, but it remains unbearable a year after its release.  All in all, the graphics on this game certainly weren’t worth praising.

I must have seen this finisher 1,000 times before I finished the game...

The game was also ridiculously short, clocking in nothing more than a couple of hours. Sure, there are challenges that unlock various costumes and other challenges. However, this doesn’t add any fun factors to the game at all. The game is also incredibly repetitive, bringing nothing new with it as you progress through the game. Sure, killing teddy bears are pretty fun, but the lack of variety in weapons only add more to the repetitive nature of the game. The multiplayer is practically dead at this point, and it isn’t even fun to play for the most part. With lacking game modes, nothing is entirely worth going back to. I still had fun with it when it was released, but it isn’t fun that you can go back to and put countless hours in. The game has practically no fun factors and no variety, making it an extremely boring game.

Packing with it practically nothing, and giving players no reason to go back to the game, Naughty Bear IS a bad game. I denied it countless times before, but there is no stepping on egg shells this time around. Naughty Bear hasn’t held up well, and wasn’t a good game when it hit shelves. While inFamous still holds up well, Naughty Bear is a game that I shouldn’t have picked up to begin with. I still can’t believe I chose to buy this over Red Dead Redemption.




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